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About Raleigh Wreaths

Having enjoyed being an executive leader within the hospitality industry for 25+ years, I really thought there was no place I would rather be.

Enter 2020... We were all given a lot of hard choices. I do not need to tell you how crazy this new world is, so I'll sum it up... I was not dealt a hand which included both caring for my boys and caring for my career. I had to choose one and for probably the first time ever, I stiff-armed my career to the backburner and put my family first. 

I am home now and we are doing the Virtual Academy thing together. I am still frustrated and the boys are still tired of staring at a computer screen, but we are annoyed together. 

Short story... I need to reach P&L budget goals, create spreadsheets, and market the hello out of something or my brain will start to mold. I know! I am going to get crafty AF, tell it how it is, hopefully make a few crotchety (love that word) chicks like me laugh, and make a little dough; all while the boys think I am still listening to them.

Winning! (Buy my wreaths.)

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