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Fresh Flowers

Divorce Arrangements

For All of Life’s Special Moments

There comes a time in all of our lives when we find that one special person to settle down with and commit to unconditionally. Have you said “yes” to your loved one and then realized you would rather be alone than listen to them chew one more time? At Raleigh Wreaths, we’ve got an assortment of options for your special day. Celebrate your freedom with the gift of a Raleigh Wreath!

Wedding Arrangements: Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Tent
Bride and Bridesmaids

Table Centerpieces

Nothings says, "You deserve better!" more than a celebration with friends and family after you ditched the 'ole ball-and-chain. Add a dab of color to the table and complete your dinner party with a beautiful, fresh table centerpiece!

Breakup Bouquets

Maybe you didn't take the plunge into holy matrimony. Maybe you hinted for 6 years about the future, but the only future he saw involved perpetual bachelorhood and he's just not ready to break free from his Mommy. His loss!

Have a particular vision in mind for gift which says, "I never really liked him anyway"? Let us know and we will be glad to make all your divorce day dreams come true!

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